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This is a riff on a great, versatile recipe from Smitten Kitchen. The Mister and I used to make this on weekend mornings when we wanted something quick and yummy.

Now that we have a baby, one who loves pancakes, I’ve changed the recipe a bit to make it healthier. The original recipe calls for 7 tablespoons of flour. I’ve swapped out three of the tablespoons for rye flour and three for barley. I think buckwheat would be a good substitute as well. Instead of the sour cream, I’ve used Greek yogurt. I absolutely love the original sour cream version, but yogurt is good too.

Crappy picture taken while holding a baby

The result is a thin, dense, and moist pancake. I make a batch (often doubling the recipe) and freeze them so I can quickly reheat them in the morning for a hungry baby.

Original recipe: Edna Mae’s Sour Cream Pancakes


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