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Blackberry Yogurt Tart

This is another recipe from 101 Cookbooks. I’ll just tell you now that I’m obsessed with her recipes and will be using them frequently.

I saw this yogurt tart and thought that it would make a healthy-ish dessert. “Ish” is important here as the crust uses a healthy amount of butter. There is an option to use olive oil, which I may try next time. The butter crust was very good, though very rich.

Other modifications I made were to swap the natural cane sugar with regular sugar, omit the sesame oil (didn’t have any),  and use pureed blackberries instead of ginger.

The crust was rich and crunchy and the yogurt filling was still nicely tart. The maple syrup added sweetness without becoming too sweet, and the blackberries made it a nice purplish color. I think this recipe can swing easily from sweet to savory, depending on your cravings.


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Barley Risotto

As it’s a new year, Cauli and I are trying to eat better. It’s so easy to wind up with a frozen meal on a hectic weeknight. Or worse, ordering pizza or picking up Taco Bell (our guilty pleasure).

One of the best healthy blogs out there is Heidi Swanson’s 101 Cookbooks. She uses whole grains, fresh vegetables, and lots of flavor. What I like best is that she doesn’t focus on being low fat; rather, she attempts to use fresh ingredients for a tasty and healthy meal.

Her seaweed risotto is a healthy take on a traditional risotto. In my version, I omitted the seaweed, used toasted almond slivers and creme fraiche instead of walnuts and mascarpone, and kale instead of spinach.

We were both very happy with the result. The barley was a little chewy and the Parmesan and creme fraiche gave it a light creaminess. I especially loved how the lemon zest brightened up the dish. The recipe makes quite a bit (and the barley is very filling), so there are plenty of leftovers.

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