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A while ago I posted about a great site, Tastespotting. Not  too long after posting, the site shut down. I’m happy to report that it is back up and running (and has been for awhile now). I love this site, not just for food voyeurism, but also for dinner ideas.

Last week I came across this recipe for a spaghetti squash and quinoa bake. I’m a big fan of casseroles and bakes, and decided to give this a try. I followed the recipe fairly closely. The changes I made were

  • to saute some pancetta along with the onions
  • swap out dried thyme for dill
  • omit the peppers

I also think you can be more creative with the cheese than just a mexican blend. Any variety, provided it doesn’t get too greasy, would work just fine.

The results were good – the squash has a nice crunch, and I think the pancetta and onions added a good flavor. You could probably use a variety of meats to make this more of a main dish than the side dish that I had planned on.


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Bool Kogi

Last night, we had Bool Kogi for dinner. Bool Kogi (or Bulgogi) is a traditional Korean marinated steak. This was not marinated by yours truly. Instead, it was again another purchase from Trader Joe’s. The instructions on the package said to “Grill it quickly!” (exclamation point and everything), so I did. I used our grill pan and quickly grilled it all up.

To accompany the meat, I cooked up some spaetzle and topped with slow-cooked broccoli and goat cheese.

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Stuffed Pork Chops

This isn’t a recipe. In fact, half of this meal was store bought and the other half I’ve blogged about before. But I figured that having a food blog means to blog about all kind of meals, not just ones I’ve made from scratch.

With our recent move, my commute is a half hour longer each way. By the time I get home, I’m tired and both Cauli and I are hungry – so I try to throw something together in 30 minutes with little work. This has often resulted in us getting take out (Chinese) or ordering in (pizza). Recently Cauli and I have been trying to cut back on how much we eat out. I’m hoping to chronicle this attempt with Hunt the Recipe.

For dinner last night, we had apple stuffing stuffed pork chops. We bought the stuffed pork chops at Trader Joe’s – a good buy at around $6.50. The results were good – not great. Just your standard pork chop with some stuffing. I imagine this would be an easy recipe to make after Thanksgiving – buy some thick cut pork chops, slice them almost all the way open, and stuff some leftover stuffing in, and bake.

Accompanying the meal was some fried, homemade bread (courtesy of Cauli’s mom) topped with slow-cooked broccoli. I’ve talked about slow cooked broccoli before (here and here). This is such a great way to make broccoli and can be used a variety of ways: on its own, topping pasta, or spread on bread or crackers.

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Key Lime Pie

Not too long ago, I was craving key lime pie. I decided to look up the recipe and found that it is incredibly simple to make, using just four ingredients: graham cracker crust, lime juice, egg yolks, and sweetened condensed milk. So when my mother and grandmother-in-law came over for dinner a few weeks go, I decided to make some key lime pie.

I found the recipe at Baking Bites, a great reference for all things sweet. I followed her directions completely and was rewarded with a very fresh tasting, custardy pie. There are some things that I would do different next time. The most important being that I would make the graham cracker crust. The pie was so fresh tasting, and jarred with the processed/packaged/preservative taste of the store bought crust. I would also zest the limes and add that to the pie – not only adding to the lime flavor but giving it a nice green-flecked look.

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