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This is a recipe that has made a few appearances on our table. It is from Elise at Simply Recipes and it is just that – a simple recipe. I’ll let you go check out her site and the post (her picture is better too), as I’ve recreated it completely from her original recipe.


I served this with parsnip puree , this time mixing some fromage blanc into the puree., which cut the sweetness a bit.


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This is a super simple recipe that I managed to mess up. Not that it didn’t taste good, but a few things went wrong. Recipe first, then tips on how to not mess it up, as well as some variations.



-Thaw a package of puff pastry sheets.
-Roll out each rectangle.
-Add filling to each rectangle. For mine, I spread out whipped cream cheese and berry preserves on one rectangle and goat cheese, prosciutto, and basil on the other.
-Roll them up, pressing down on the seam to seal.
-Wrap in them in plastic and refrigerate for a few hours (up to a day or so).
-When ready to bake, preheat the oven to 400 degrees, slice into half inch thick slices, and bake for 16 minutes.

What went wrong


I neglected to roll out the puff pastry sheets, which made them difficult to roll and stick together at the seam. I also was impatient and wanted to bake them the morning I put them together, rather than waiting for them to chill for the proper amount of time. As a result, they came unrolled as I cooked them. Cauli and I really liked the cream cheese and jam pinwheels, but the prociutto pinwheels were a little too salty.

Also, to keep the pinwheels from sticking to your cookie sheets (depending on the fillings – the cream cheese and jam was pretty messy), lay some parchment paper down on the cookie sheet before placing the pinwheels.


Prosciutto, basil, and Parmesan cheese
Four cheese (or three, two, or one)
Smoked salmon, cream cheese, and fresh dill
Peanut butter and jelly (maybe?)
Caramelized onion and goat cheese

These would be good appetizers to bring to a potluck or to have out at a brunch.

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This lunch contains whole wheat pasta, a hefty amount of slow-cooked broccoli with some parmesean cheese (meant to be mixed with the pasta at lunch), spiced walnuts, and applesauce.


If you haven’t yet tried making slow-cooked broccoli, you really should. It’s such a great, easy dish – garlicky with a hint of lemon. It really makes a great meal when tossed with pasta. I try to make sure there’s some green in my cooking (though I don’t always succeed), and this is one very tasty way.

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What’s for Lunch?

I don’t post a whole lot about lunch, as I’m mainly concerned with dinner and its preparation. I often will have leftovers or wind up eating out at the same places everyday. As Cauli and I are often busy, and sometimes lazy, if we don’t make dinner the night before, I’m out of luck for bringing my lunch the next day. And as this blog is to jumpstart recipes for when we have a family, I thought that some posts on lunch will be appropriate.

I recently bought a Laptop Lunch box. Yes, it’s for kids, but it holds enough for adults as well. And when one commutes daily, it’s nice to not have to bring a variety of little plastic/glass containers, which add to the commute load and can be easily lost. Not to mention saving money – I probably spend about $10 a day on lunch, depending on what and where I’m eating.


The laptop lunch idea is losely based off of Japanese Bento, something I’d love to get into when I have more time. I love how the compartments help to guide a balanced meal: smaller containers for fruits and veggies, and slightly larger ones for grain and protein. My main problem, as with dinner, is coming up with good ideas that are creative,  healthy, and not too stressful. Again, I hope blogging about it can jump start that creativity.

Above is a fairly bad picture of my first laptop lunch. Its contents include chicken and chard fritters (taken from this recipe at Smitten Kitchen. I messed it up by using pastry flour, but it was still edible), applesauce, spiced nuts, cauliflower, and cucumber feta dip (not pictured). I really like how the compartments prompt you to create variety for lunch.

Very geeky, but fun.

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